Tarot and Travel

Today, I’ll be heading for the NYC area – you know, all kinds of important biz… But this brings up the question (because I’m a Tarot nerd): which cards mean literal travel to you? The Chariot? The Knights? The 6 of Swords? Some people like The Wheel of Fortune (because: wheels!) and The World for … More Tarot and Travel

Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Magician

The astrological symbol most often tied to The Magician is the Planet Mercury. How well does this correspondence work…? For me personally, I like it pretty well, and I can see why people embrace it. In Astrology, Mercury symbolizes many of our active cognitive functions: thinking, reasoning, data-gathering through the senses. It’s also about communication, … More Astrology/Tarot Mapping: The Magician

“Entering A Card”

Today, I thought I might describe this great exercise that actually helped to launch me into my unceasing-since-then love affair with Tarot.  It’s called “Entering A Card.” I first read about this exercise on the internet somewhere, and then found it written up again in Tarot for Your Self, a workbook by Mary K. Greer … More “Entering A Card”