Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!

Yesterday, I posted about the Shadow Card in a reading – that’s the card left sitting at the bottom of the unused portion of the deck after all the cards have been drawn for the reading itself. The Shadow Card can shed additional light on the reading as a whole. There’s also the Quintessential Card, … More Tarot: The Universe Card Has Something to Say!

Clean the lenses…then *look*

So today I had to get up early to head across town to the dentist’s office for a standard teeth cleaning appointment, and then from there, I went for a bit of a hike up around a local landmark here in LA called the Griffith Park Observatory… After I got back home, it occurred to … More Clean the lenses…then *look*

“Things fall apart…”

I’m willing to give pretty good odds that almost anyone reading this has by now come across either the actual poem from which I took the words that make up the title of this post, or has at least seen parts of it quoted elsewhere.  It’s a terrifically well-known — and simply terrific — poem … More “Things fall apart…”