Entropy Never Sleeps…

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.” – from “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats Our Universe has a tendency toward disorder. Yes, sure, it also has some pretty sweeping laws built into it that seem to apply themselves consistently across the board. In that sense there’s some Order to be found throughout. For … More Entropy Never Sleeps…

Reiki Share in Providence

Last night, I hosted a Reiki share here in the Providence area at this great space called The Empowerment Factory. I’ve hosted shares before, but not in this town, and not at that venue (and it was also the first-ever share held at TEF). Even with all that being true, it was still an excellent … More Reiki Share in Providence

Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

RUNES! If you’ll be in the Providence area, I’ll be teaching an Intro to Runes class on the evening of Friday, Jan. 13th (😮) at cool local metaphysical shop Ascension NXT. I’ll cover the basics of what Runes are, where and when they came from, and what you can do with this ancient set of … More Intro to Runes Class: Providence, RI on Jan. 13

Reiki Share Event – Dec. 14, Providence, RI

Most of you who see this will probably not be in the Providence, RI area next week…but just in case there’s a chance you might defy that statement by actually being around these parts at that time, then please consider attending the Reiki share that I’ll be hosting! Reiki is a form of energy-based healing, … More Reiki Share Event – Dec. 14, Providence, RI

Reiki Redux!

After my recent relocation to Providence, RI, I had to take some time to get the new digs set up to my satisfaction… And I’m happy to report that I now have a space that feels very conducive to the excellent administration of healing Reiki energy! I’m therefore pleased to once again officially offer Reiki sessions … More Reiki Redux!

Life Lesson: On Mishegoss…

“The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.” – Alfred Adler Mishegoss. This is a Yiddish word, and it’s derived from the Hebrew “meshugga” (= “senseless,” “crazy”). Mishegoss basically refers to a given human’s personal set of psychic luggage that they trundle about with them everywhere they go, said luggage containing … More Life Lesson: On Mishegoss…

Tarot Visualization Exercises

I’m  now offering a new and affordable item: custom-designed visualization exercises based on Tarot images. You send me a bite-sized description of your issue, and PayPal me a mere $7 USD. I then pull a Tarot card for you, cook up a unique visualization exercise based on that card, and provide you with a write-up of … More Tarot Visualization Exercises

Visualization Meditation

This shot captures a bit of my meditation session last night… It was all about the Egyptian God, Anubis, and the crystal Carnelian, both of which are associated with psychopomp functions (i.e., ushering newly deceased souls into the Land of the Dead). I tried doing this visualization exercise of descending into the Earth to have … More Visualization Meditation

Combining Tarot with Meditation

Tarot Tip: combine it with meditation! Meditation Tip: combine it with Tarot! These are definitely two great tastes that taste great together. On the Tarot end, just pick a card that you want to consult with, or that has energy you want to coax into your life in greater quantities. Set the card up in … More Combining Tarot with Meditation