The Breathing Cycle Tarot Spread

It’s New Spread Saturday again – a once-a-month photo-challenge on Instagram hosted by yours truly and @tabithadial in which participants post an all-new, original Tarot spread. Here’s my entry for April, the Breathing Cycle Spread: 1) Breathe In. Something you need to bring into your life in greater quantities at this time.2) Hold, Lungs Full. Something you … More The Breathing Cycle Tarot Spread

Cup + Wand…

Here’s yet another of these examples of Tarot Suit icons popping up in the world around us… This time, we have the relaxation-inducing singing bowl holding down the Cups role, while its “striker” steps up to appear in a Wands capacity. This gives us the terrific equation of Cup (singing bowl) + Wand (striker) = … More Cup + Wand…

12 Astrological Houses Spread

In honor of the Full Moon last night, I busted out a big spread based on the 12 astrological Houses.  I’ll be doping out the meaning of this reading for days to come! Interesting note: the numbered Minors (not counting the Aces) make up just under half of the deck.  So statistically speaking, in a … More 12 Astrological Houses Spread

New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

Getting a new deck is always exciting.  I don’t give in to the urge-to-buy at the drop of a hat anymore – not like I once did! – but whenever I can feel the pull of a deck that I know will have some real impact on me, I’ll still expand my collection with it. … More New Deck Reading/Meditation – The Tarot of the Origins

5 Reasons to Love the Judgment Card

The Judgment card can certainly indicate positive developments…but it still speaks with such serious overtones that even on its best days, it’s difficult to view it as anything remotely approaching “sunny” or “happy.” The card evokes thoughts of Judgment Day, and that’s not a concept that can ever be taken lightly, not with its legions … More 5 Reasons to Love the Judgment Card

8 Major Symptoms of Depression

I’ve just begun working with Sasha Carrion, a talented hypnotherapist of my acquaintance who practices her craft in Santa Monica, CA.  I’ll be contributing articles to be posted on her website.  I’ve undergone hypnosis with Sasha several times before, and I definitely recommend exploring it if it intrigues you, or if you’ve been battling some … More 8 Major Symptoms of Depression

“I release you.”

Stress is bad for us. I can’t imagine this will be anyone’s first time encountering this notion.  We all know this — it’s hardly a closely-guarded secret, locked away in some clandestine power bloc’s deepest, most blast-proof vault somewhere impregnable and subterranean.  Stress is bad for us…  We’re probably even almost unanimously agreed on this one…and we … More “I release you.”

Morning pages…

Quite a few years ago now, I was put on notice about this book you may have heard of: The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.  It’s a self-help book designed to enable people with creative impulses to get in touch with their inner artistic selves and become more artistically productive.  Ms. Cameron comes at the … More Morning pages…

Animal Magnetism

Certain animals attract us.  And the ones that appeal to me and the ones that appeal to you might differ entirely…and the next person might come along with yet another wholly different set of favorite beasts…  This is all pretty obvious stuff, of course…but as the holidays and other assorted wellsprings of busy-ness conspire to … More Animal Magnetism