The DiscoverYou Wellness Expo

Yesterday – March 4, 2018 – I was honored to be included as an exhibitor and speaker at the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo in Warwick, RI, which is a city situated about a standing broad jump from Providence. It was a fantastic event, jam-packed with dozens of skilled, knowledgeable, friendly presenters focusing on all sorts of … More The DiscoverYou Wellness Expo

LIVE: Astrology As A Wellness Practice…

Because we humans generally experience time in very linear fashion, we’ve developed a fascination for the future. From our limited perspective, it seems that we remember the past, and we exist in the present…but the future? That’s a realm of experience that’s completely unknown to us, and that also happens to be bearing down on … More LIVE: Astrology As A Wellness Practice…

Arrow In Flight’s Upcoming Public Appearance!

If you’ll be in the Providence, RI area on Sunday, March 4th, you have two full weeks to make plans so that you can be on hand to catch my public presentation that day on the many uses of Astrology! I’m fortunate enough to have been asked to participate in the DiscoverYou Wellness Expo, a … More Arrow In Flight’s Upcoming Public Appearance!

How Do You Deal With Saturn In Capricorn?

By Steven Seinberg… Almost one month ago, the all-business Planet that we know as Saturn traveled onward from the adventurous and optimistic Sign of Sagittarius into the much more serious territory of Capricorn. As you might already know, the actions of any Planetary energy are always colored mightily by the Sign through which it happens … More How Do You Deal With Saturn In Capricorn?

Astrology: Understanding Aspects

By Steven Seinberg… I’m a huge fan of the metaphysical in general, and two of my main areas of interest are Astrology and Tarot. I teach both of these disciplines to interested parties as part of my professional work…and it’s become very clear to me over time that certain subjects within each field seem to … More Astrology: Understanding Aspects

Understanding Aspects in Astrology

As I write this, the Planet Neptune is slowly swimming through the watery Sign of Pisces. The Zodiac Signs are essentially patches of sky blocked out and designated by astrologer-types from long ago. We do our astrological work by tracking the movements of the various Planets against the 12 distinct backdrops that make up the … More Understanding Aspects in Astrology

Pluto Direct

Just this past Thursday, I wrote a post about how distant Pluto was about to station direct following five months spent moving in apparent retrograde fashion. Basically, this would translate for much of us down here on Planet Earth as something like a great, grim psychiatrist-God finally setting aside his pipe after futzing with it … More Pluto Direct

Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017

Later today, relationship-centric Venus will be making a perfect opposition with mystical Neptune. In order to dope out just what that might mean for you, you’ll have to work through a few questions: What do Venus and Neptune each symbolize? Which Signs are they in right now? What’s an opposition all about? Which Houses in … More Venus Opposite Neptune: Astro-Alert for Sept. 29, 2017