Tarot Card Visualizations


Screenshot_from_IMAX®_3D_movie_Hidden_Universe_showing_the_Helix_Nebula_in_infraredVisualization exercises can be powerful tools for addressing our issues. This is a form of meditation that can yield some real benefits.

The problem many people have, though, is that they’re not sure what it is they should be visualizing. What would be helpful? What would be relevant to their issues?

I can help you with this!

Send me a brief description of the primary issue that’s facing you…I’ll then pull a single Tarot card, and based on that draw, I’ll create a unique, personalized visualization exercise aimed specifically at helping you to address that issue. Once I have the set-up in mind, I’ll send you a write-up of the visualization scenario I’ve generated for you and a picture of the card that I drew.

You’ll receive the write-up and the image file for the low fee of $7 USD. That price will remain in effect until the end of August 2016.

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IMG_5149Here’s an example of how this all might look:

Client: “I’m having no luck getting people to date me lately.”

Me: “I drew the 10 of Wands (see attached photo). This card suggests that you’re overburdened, and you’re carrying all that psychic weight around with you. It’s likely that it’s coloring everything that you do, and people can sense it. You need to set some of that burden down and experience life with a lighter spirit. That should help you to connect with people. Try this visualization:

Much like the man in the card, you’re carrying an armload of long poles, like small tree trunks. They’re very heavy, and it’s awkward carrying them, and you’re exhausted from the effort. You can barely put one foot in front of the other… Suddenly, you find yourself trudging along a bluff that overlooks a rushing river. It occurs to you that you don’t actually need to carry this burden any longer – doing so isn’t really helping you or anyone else. You release the poles, and you watch as they splash down into the river below, and then disappear around a bend in the waterway, gone from sight, and gone from your life. You’re free… You exhale, stretch, and stand tall, grinning at how light you now feel. And then you turn and make your way toward home, a fresh bounce in your step that hasn’t been there in ages…”

And that’s it! Run through your visualization scene in your mind for a couple of nights in a row after I give it to you, and see what happens. Visualization exercises like these can be extraordinarily helpful in facing our issues. Give it a try, and see for yourself!

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