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Tarot is one of my greatest passions. I received my first deck way back at the dawn of the millennium, and I’ve been working as a professional reader for over six years now. I feel completely gratified when I can use my knowledge of the cards to help someone gain insight or clarity in important areas such as their relationships, career, health, or spiritual evolution.

I treat the reader/client bond with as much care and seriousness as the attorney/client connection that I once traded in back when I worked in the legal and corporate fields. Metaphysical work is every bit as important and profound to me as the law and finance ever were.

I’ve realized over time that the best results seem to land when I can interact with clients in real time. If an in-person session isn’t for you, we can also set up real-time readings via Skype, FaceTime, or an online webinar service that I use called AnyMeeting (this service allows me to record the session and provide you with a video file of it at no extra charge).

For these real time sessions, I charge $40 for a half-hour reading, or $75 for a full hour.

I currently accept payments made in cash, via PayPal, or with standard debit/credit cards.


If you do use PayPal:

1) please send payment via one of the PayPal buttons below, and then

2) fill in the contact form to provide me with basic information about you, and any specifics about what you’d like to explore through the reading.

If you do not use PayPal:

…and you prefer to pay by cash or plastic, then please skip straight to the contact form so we can discuss scheduling…

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