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There’s this saying in metaphysics: “As Above, So Below…”

The idea is that dramas play out in this reality of ours across all levels of existence, from down at the micro-scale, through our familiar “normal”-scale, and on upward to the macro-scale.

Consider the way in which electrons revolve around a central nucleus down at the atomic level…and then compare that with the eerily similar fashion in which planets orbit a star up at the solar system level.

Or track the recurring presence of the logarithmic spiral as it appears in nature from the organism level (it describes the motions of a bug approaching a source of light)…to the meteorological level (tropical storms unfold in a logarithmic spiral pattern)…to the cosmic level (the arms of spiral galaxies also unfurl in a classic logarithmic spiral).

Astrology embraces this concept of the recurring drama: by studying the interactions of the bodies in space around us up on the visible, planetary plane, Astrology helps us to understand what might be going on inside of us down here on the invisible plane of the psyche. What happens to the Planets, happens to us.

“As Above…So Below.”

It’s my pleasure and privilege to make Astrology accessible to you, and to guide you further along your own spiritual path.  We can work together in either of these two primary ways:


Please browse through the individual pages I’ve set up for each of these avenues of exploration.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have after you’ve taken a stroll through them – you can use any of the various means of getting in touch with me that I’ve posted over on my CONTACT page.


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